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Functional analysis of VMC850 machining center components

Jun 05, 2020

The auxiliary components of the VMC850 machining center are an important part of the machine tool to complete its function. It plays a protective role on the moving parts and plays a key role on the service life of the moving parts of the machining center. The working principle of the auxiliary components such as machine tool refrigeration system, pneumatic system, chip cooling system, lubrication system and machine tool protection is analyzed below:

1. Shaft cooling system The spindle cooling system of the VMC850 machining center is an oil cooler that outputs hydraulic oil under pressure and sends it to the spindle group, thereby realizing the internal cooling function of the spindle. The hydraulic oil of the spindle cooling system can be recycled.

2. The pneumatic system is mainly used for the blowing of the center of the spindle, the blowing of the front end of the spindle and the blowing of the grating ruler, etc., so as to protect these mechanisms from dust interference and can be used to cool the workpiece. In the pneumatic system, the solenoid valve is used to control the gas on and off, and the pressure reducing valve is used to make the gas reach the required pressure value.

3. The external cooling system is used to cool the workpiece and tool during processing. In addition, the iron chips generated in the machining of the machine tool can enter the chain chip conveyor at the front end of the bed, and be discharged into the chip collecting vehicle by the chain chip conveyor.

4. The lubrication system VMC850 machining center is used for the lubrication of three coordinate bearings, ball screws, linear guide rails and other parts. In this lubricating system, the lubricating pump pumps out lubricating oil with pressure and flow rate, and transports it to the machine tool column, bed, slide, working table and other parts through the oil separator. The lubricating pump's oil supply time can be adjusted to achieve intermittent drip lubrication.

5. VMC850 machining center in order to prevent iron chips and coolant from splashing on the machine tool linear guide and screw, affecting the service life of parts. Therefore, the linear guides of the machine bed, slide, and column adopt simple protective pull plates, and the main materials of the protective pull plates are divided into multi-section structures, which have beautiful appearance, no skew, noise or jamming during movement, etc. Features. Thick rubber gaskets are pasted on both ends of the protective pull plate for cushioning and sealing.

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