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Gantry type CNC 5 axis machine center

Dec 02, 2019

2.Gantry Type 5 Axis Machine Center

ALLES CNCDE Gantry type CNC 5 axis machine center, which focuses on large-scale, high-efficiency 5-axis machining, and uses 5-axis heads to effectively shorten tool displacement strokes and cutting processes to extend tool life; excellent XYZ three-axis simultaneous movement with high-precision Head, doing composite angle cutting, showing excellent five-axis simultaneous motion accuracy and performance, is the best efficiency choice for composite angle processing. At the same time, it can meet 3D three-dimensional processing and high-precision contour processing, and meet the processing requirements of various face milling, drilling, and tapping with high quality and stability.


The gantry structure design is adopted to improve the rigidity of the machine and ensure the processing quality;

Automatic measurement and compensation of rotation axis accuracy;

Spindle vibration is less than 1mm / sec;

AC axis positioning accuracy can be accurate to ± 10 ".

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