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High speed CNC plate drilling machine

Mar 25, 2020

How can flat plate drilling be reduced without a flat drill? A suitable High speed CNC plate drilling machine can provide a lot of convenience for petrochemical, construction bridge, boiler and other industries, which not only improves processing accuracy and efficiency, but also reduces Labor costs.

 High speed CNC plate drilling machine

Gantry type High speed CNC plate drilling machine, can realize drilling, tapping and milling of plate workpieces, and can be drilled with hard alloy internal cooling drills, and high-speed steel twist drills can also be used for external cold drilling. According to the type of drilling holes of the user, the tool magazine can be configured to automatically change the tool to complete the drilling of multiple holes. The high speed CNC plate drilling machine saves time and increases drilling efficiency. This CNC plate drilling machine is mainly used in petroleum , Chemical industry, boiler, nuclear power, wind power and other industries.

 High speed CNC plate drilling machine

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