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How about China's CNC MACHINE CENTER

Sep 11, 2019

In fact, the CNC MACHINE CENTER produced in China is also making continuous progress, and is approaching foreign machine tools in terms of high precision and high speed. At present, the market share of CNC MACHINE CENTER produced in China has gradually increased. The cost-effective domestic processing center has also been favored by many well-known enterprises. Today, let's talk about the domestic processing center.


At present, China's CNC VERTICAL MACHINE CENTER mainly relies on imports in core accessories, such as our common lead screws, guide rails, spindles, bearings, CNC systems, etc. The main reason is that customers have basically approved the accessories of these brands. In fact, many domestic accessories such as lead screws, bearings and CNC systems can meet the requirements of most customers. However, due to low market acceptance, many customers are still reluctant to choose. . Therefore, China's accessories also require constant efforts to produce excellent Chinese manufacturing together with CNC MACHINE CENTER manufacturers.

How about the domestic CNC MACHINE CENTER? In fact, if you want me to say that the domestic CNC MACHINE CENTER is naturally very good, we have to judge how a machining center is mainly based on its actual needs. Of course, some domestic machining centers rely on low prices. Enterprises with poor quality and poor service to compete, but such enterprises will soon be eliminated by enterprises and the market, because customers are our roots. If we just pursue the immediate interests, it is natural to harm ourselves. Harm others. Therefore, domestic processing center enterprises should be practical and down-to-earth to provide services to customers, in order to win the appreciation of customers. It is the mission of our generation to strive to do well in China.

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