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How does CNC Machine Center improve productivity

Mar 26, 2020

CNC Machine Center is a high-precision and efficient integrated processing equipment. It can complete drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping and other processes for a variety of complex parts with one clamping, thereby greatly improving processing efficiency. . The importance of process efficiency is self-evident both for the factory floor and the operator. So what are the ways to improve processing efficiency? SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD will answer your questions one by one.

CNC Machine Center's high-efficiency machining is mainly manifested in machining multiple product workpieces at one time. In this way, it can be done easily in the processing of large quantities. The CNC machining completed at one time is composed of programming, roughing, finishing and detail processing. Taking common examples of steel milling, except for the programming in advance, the entire process takes about ten minutes. Much of this time is spent on tool changes and clamping. If a large number of workpieces are processed and the tools are replaced and the workpieces are clamped one by one, the procedures are cumbersome and the workload is increased. It also wastes working time and reduces the output value of the factory floor.

Improving work efficiency is quite necessary, all of which must start with the concept of output value. Only when a processing enterprise increases its output value can it increase the salaries and wages of employees, reduce the flow of personnel, and improve the stability of personnel. Therefore, for the metal processing industry, only by improving work efficiency is the basis for continuous improvement of business capabilities.

And the realization of processing multiple parts at one time requires training expertise to reduce the risk of machines, tools and personnel during processing. It is necessary to optimize the clamping method to reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase necessary error prevention steps. Take the time to confirm the safety of your machines, tools and programs. By calculating the processing time of the entire process, a more suitable clamping method is selected. Extend the cycle time of the program by processing multiple parts at one time. Improve the machine utilization.

From an operator's point of view, there are aspects to pay attention to when processing multiple parts at one time. The use of internal subroutines that are easier to track; distinguish the workpiece coordinates corresponding to different workpieces for easy correction; be sure to remember to re-calibrate after changing the tool And enter the measured value into the corresponding position. Also, pay attention to the timely addition of coolant and guide rail oil, and the air compressor should also be maintained in a timely manner.

In the aspect of processing programming, the subprogram can be called incrementally. Taking the FANUC system as an example, the FANUC system can use the local setting of the G52 coordinate system. You can specify any point in the G54 coordinate system as the machining origin, use G54 coordinates to run to the origin of each workpiece, and use G52 to define the current point as the program origin. In a program, you can use the variable lookup table to cycle through one by one, just remember to restore the G54 coordinate to a unified value after the program is completed and before the program starts, otherwise the program will fail.

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