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How to buy a suitable CNC machine

Sep 04, 2019

Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools are characterized by high flexibility, high processing precision, stable and reliable processing quality, high productivity, and easy modernization of production management. They have a wide range of processing performance and play a good role in the production of complex parts. The economical effect of CNC lathes is the main type of CNC machine tools: - The very important position in CNC machine tools has been widely recognized by countries all over the world and has been developed very rapidly.


How to choose the right CNC machine:

The choice of CNC lathes is actually a very difficult thing. After decades of development, CNC lathes have evolved into a large family group that can fulfill a variety of processing and manufacturing requirements. How do we choose the right lathe from a wide range of expensive lathes? ALLES CNC answers these questions.

With the development of modern manufacturing technology, it is a general trend for enterprises to choose CNC equipment. At present, the numerical control equipment on the market can be described as dazzling. How to choose the CNC machine tool that is suitable for the enterprise and economically and rationally select CNC machine tools is a comprehensive technical problem. It has been produced in various domestic and foreign countries. CNC lathes. With the process of numerical control of machine tools, many companies need to buy a CNC lathe that suits them. In the view of Xiaoyu Relief Network Xiaobian, the choice of CNC lathe should consider the following points:

1.Pre-preparation: Determine the process requirements of typical parts and the batch size of the machined parts. It is presupposed that the function of the CNC lathe should be the rational selection of CNC lathes.

2, machine tool accessories and tool purchase: machine tool accessories, spare parts and their supply capacity, tools, is very important for the production of CNC lathes. When choosing a machine tool, you need to carefully consider the matching of the tool and Fujian.

3, pay attention to the identity of the control system into the same manufacturer should choose the same manufacturer's products, at least should choose the same manufacturer's control system, which will bring great convenience to the maintenance work.

4, according to the performance price ratio to choose the function, the accuracy is not idle, not wasted, do not choose the function that has nothing to do with yourself.

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