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How to choose cnc angle punching machine?

Mar 20, 2019

       CNC Angle punching machine is the special equipment used for angle steel marking,punching,cutting and automatic production in the field of power and the telecommunicaion.

      How to choose cnc angle punching machine?

1.Angle size:

     First of all,according the angle size to choose suitable machine modle.

     According the length,width,thickness of angle to choose the machine modle.图片2    

    Machine modle an the max process angel size(length*width*thickness)

                 Modle                                Size(L*W*T)mm

                  JX0808                                80*80*8

                  JX1010                             100*100*10

                  JX1412                             140*140*12

                  JX1615                             160*160*15

                  JX2020                             200*200*20

                  JX2020S                           200*200*20

2.Punching heads:

     How many punching heads do you need?   

     Except size of angle steel,Puching head is slao key of confirming machine size.图片1     

    Notice :

                *2 puching heads are max quanlity for  model JX8080 and JX1010.

                *quantity of punching head is bettween 1 - 3 pcs punching heads for JX1412. it's mean 3 heads at most.

               Modle                                Number of punching headeach side

                JX0808                                2

                JX1010                                2

                JX1412                               2/3

                JX1615                               3

                JX2020                               3

                JX2020S                             3

3.Hole diameter、Angle thickness and material

    *Hole diameter and angel thickness: Max punching diameter can't more than 26mm if the angle thickness is more than 2.5mm.

    *Angel material factor: If your angle material is soft steel,such as Q235,Q345,the max punching diameter can reach to 27mm at most and the angle thickness could be added 1mm.

4.Double shear or singel shear

    Single or double shear are available for all models.

    Advantage of single shear :  save materials and reduce waste.

    Advantage of double shear:  the price is lower than the single shear.

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