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How to machine CNC machine tools

Jun 25, 2019

Mechatronics has now embarked on the bright road, and its future is bright. When a CNC machine tool manufacturer processes a part on an ordinary machine tool, the process technician prepares the part in advance according to the design pattern. In the process specification, the machining process of the parts, the amount of cutting, the specifications of the machine tool, and the tools and fixtures are developed. The operator operates the machine according to the various steps of the process specification and processes the parts given by the drawing. That is to say, the processing of the parts is done by humans. For example, driving, parking, changing the spindle speed, changing the feed speed and direction, cutting fluid on and off, etc. are all manually operated by the workers.

When an automatic machine controlled by a cam or a part machine is machined by a profiling machine, although no one needs to operate it, the motion curve or the cam of the cam must be designed according to the characteristics of the part and the process requirements. Control the movement of the machine and finally machine the parts. In this process, although the operator is prevented from directly manipulating the machine tool, only one part can be machined per cam mechanism or master. When changing the machined part, replace the cam and the master. Therefore, it can only be used in large-volume, specialized production.

CNC machine tools are different from the above two types of machine tools. It automatically processes the machined parts according to a pre-programmed machining program. We process the machining process of the parts, process parameters, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle revolutions, feed, backfeed, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, reverse, The cutting fluid is turned on and off, and is programmed into a machining program according to the instruction code and program format specified by the CNC machine tool, and then the contents of the program list are recorded on the control medium (such as punched tape, tape, disk, bubble memory). ), and then input into the numerical control device of the CNC machine tool to command the machine tool to machine the parts.

From the outside, CNC machine tools have CRT screens, we can see the processing of various process parameters from the screen. From the internal structure, there is no gearbox for CNC machine tools. The main motion and feed motion are all performed by DC or AC stepless speed servo motor. In addition, CNC machine tools generally have a workpiece measuring system, which can reduce the workpiece during the machining process. The number of manual measurements. Therefore, the use of CNC machine tools in various industries will become more and more popular in the future.

Since the CNC machine tool has to process the parts according to the program, after the programmer has programmed the program, he enters the numerical control device to direct the machine tool to work. The input to the program is through the control medium. There are many specific methods, such as punched tape, data tape, floppy disk and manual input, ie MDI.

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How to machine CNC machine tools

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