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How to move from artificial intelligence to industrial intelligence

Nov 26, 2019

Since the birth of the "thinking machine" in the 1950s, artificial intelligence has failed to make breakthrough progress. Until the past 10 years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the fictional "Jarvis" originally used in movies has quietly entered people's lives. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is setting off a new wave of digital revolution in both the industrial and civil fields.

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What exactly can artificial intelligence do?


Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology is developing rapidly in various fields. When it comes to artificial intelligence in the industrial field, everyone will be represented as an industrial robot; in the civilian field, it is the SIRI artificial intelligence voice function of the Iphone, and its appearance has brought about drastic changes in human life.


ALLES CNC focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in the industrial field, which can be divided into the following three categories:


The first category is relatively simple visual analysis of application data: in addition to artificial intelligence, it can collect various data (such as temperature, speed, energy consumption, productivity, etc.) of the equipment operation, and store the data for secondary analysis. Optimize energy saving, detect if the equipment is operating abnormally in advance, and provide measures to reduce energy consumption.


The second category is for machines to self-diagnose. For example, a production line suddenly issues a fault alarm. The machine can diagnose itself, find out where the problem occurred and what the reason is. At the same time, it can tell us how to solve the problem according to the historical maintenance records or maintenance standards. restore.


Of course, we are less likely to fail, so the third type of application can be achieved through artificial intelligence technology, predictive maintenance. You must know that if an industrial production line or equipment suddenly fails, the damage caused by it will be very huge. Therefore, we use artificial intelligence technology to allow machines to sense or analyze possible problems before they occur. For example, the CNC machine tools in the factory need to change the tools after running for a period of time. By analyzing historical operating data, the machine can know in advance the time when the tools will be damaged, so that the replacement parts are prepared in advance and scheduled for the next maintenance. Replace the tool.


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