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How to use the calibration on the machine

Dec 24, 2019

Every time we debug a machine tool, we will use a measuring tool, the most common is calibration.


The use of calibration tables in horizontal machining centers and lathes requires a little more attention, as the way the calibration tables are placed has changed.


On the CNC vertical machine center, the calibration table is installed vertically. Whether it is sucked on the protective cover of the main shaft by the magnetic seat or placed in the cutter head, the direction of gravity has not changed, so the measurement results will not change. Affected by this.


However, on the CNC horizontal machine center and CNC turning machine, if the magnetic base is installed on the spindle, when the spindle rotates, the direction of gravity will also change accordingly, which will cause slight deformation of the calibration clamp and the calibration will leave the magnetic force. The further the seat is, the more obvious the deformation is.


The direction of gravity changes, and the center of gravity also changes. When the center of gravity is unstable, the measurement results cannot accurately reflect the status quo.


On the CNC horizontal machine center, the rotation speed of the calibration meter on the main axis will also affect the measurement result, because the centrifugal force will also cause the measurement deviation.


To eliminate these adverse effects, coaxial calibration is recommended.

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