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In the future CNC machines need to be on the net

Feb 17, 2020

Machine Tool and Industrial Internet


The Industrial Internet, as its name implies, is the application of the Internet and other related technologies in the industrial field. Its application is expected to open up the information barriers in all aspects of the industry and achieve dataization and intelligence in the areas of supply, production, sales, and management. In the State Council's Guiding Opinions on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing" Development of the Industrial Internet, "The Industrial Internet, as a product of the deep integration of new-generation information technology and manufacturing, has increasingly become the key support and deepening of the new industrial revolution. The important cornerstone of 'Internet + advanced manufacturing' will have a profound and revolutionary impact on future industrial development. "


With the advent of 5G, electronic components and related products that do not meet the new generation of communication standards are bound to be eliminated, and machine tools that meet the processing requirements of 5G products are bound to have a broad market. At present, affected by the economic environment and the shrinking consumer market, the downward pressure on machine tool development is greater, and 5G may be a new growth point. In the future, focusing on technology development and investment in the 5G era, and the production of related machine tools and equipment, may promote the return of machine tool orders.


Machine tools and online shopping


Everyone is familiar with online shopping. From small daily necessities to cars and real estate, you can now reach transactions online. More and more people are getting information online, including equipment buyers. For machine tool companies, in addition to the traditional sales model, the development of online sales and publicity models has become essential.


Compared with offline mode, online mode can show more information, shorter timeliness, faster transmission speed, and easier to find. In the case of machine tool procurement, traditional machine tool procurement requires contact with the manufacturer and field inspections, often running for days without results. And through the online mode, buyers can find the ideal supplier by retrieving massive information, and then determine the cooperation intention through online communication, and then reach a transaction. This model has a broader sales channel for machine tool companies; it is undoubtedly more time-saving and labor-saving for buyers.


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