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In which industries are machining centers used

Feb 24, 2020

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CNC machining centers are currently widely used in the field of machining. It is mainly used in the following industries:

1. Mould

In the past, the production of molds was mostly manual, which required the use of gypsum as a model and then the billet as a model. Use a planer to grind and smooth it, and then use a hand or engraving machine to carve out the shape of the product mold with a template. The entire processing process requires high skills of the processing master, and it is quite time-consuming. The machining center can complete multiple procedures at once, and the processing efficiency is unmatched by manual operation. Before processing, use computer to design graphics, simulate and check whether the processed workpiece meets the requirements, and adjust the test piece in time to greatly improve the fault tolerance and reduce the error rate. It can be said that machining centers are the most suitable machinery for mold processing.

2. Box-shaped parts

The complex shape, the interior is a cavity, the volume is large, and there are more than one hole system. The length, width, and height of the internal cavity have a certain proportion of parts suitable for CNC machining of the machining center.

3. Complex surfaces

The machining center can be clamped at one time to complete the processing of all sides and top surfaces except the clamping surface. The processing principle is different for different models. The spindle or table can complete the 90 ° rotation with the workpiece. Therefore, the machining center is suitable for processing mobile phone parts, auto parts, and aerospace materials. Such as the back cover of the mobile phone, the shape of the engine and so on.

4. Shaped pieces

The machining center can be assembled and clamped, and can complete drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping and other processes. For the irregularly shaped parts that require multi-station processing of points, lines and surfaces, machining centers are the most suitable machinery and equipment.

5. Disc, sleeve, plate parts

Machining center according to different spindle transport methods for hole systems with key grooves, radial holes or end faces distributed, curved disk sleeves or shaft parts, such as shaft sleeves with flanges, shaft parts with key grooves or square heads Wait. There are also plate parts with more porous processing, such as various motor covers. Disk parts with distributed holes and curved surfaces on the end should choose vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers with radial holes.

6. Parts produced in batches periodically

The processing time of a machining center generally includes two parts, one is the time required for processing, and the other is the processing preparation time. Among them, preparation time accounts for a high proportion. This includes: process time, programming time, part test piece time, etc. The machining center can store these operations for later reuse. This saves time when machining the part later. The production cycle can be greatly shortened. Therefore, it is especially suitable for mass production of orders.

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