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It’s cold, is your machine ready for the winter

Nov 15, 2019

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In the early winter, like a beautiful, noble, reserved princess, dancing her magical veil, sent a burst of cold wind. The sun shines through the thin clouds, shining on the white earth, reflecting the silver light, shining the eyes and flowers. As the winter gets colder and colder, it brings inconvenience to all aspects of our lives, and it also has an impact on our machining industry. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, ALLES CNC will share some knowledge about winter machine maintenance protection.


CNC machine tools are automated machine tools with a program control system that allows the machine to move and machine parts based on programmed procedures. It combines the latest technologies in machinery, automation, computers, measurement, microelectronics, etc., mainly used to detect position, linear displacement and angular displacement, speed, pressure, temperature and so on.


The main function of daily maintenance of CNC machine tools is to prolong the life of components and wear cycles of components, prevent various faults, and improve the average trouble-free working time and service life of CNC machine tools. The following is a brief introduction to the winter CNC machine tool machining center needs attention. What are the matters:


In general, the operation of CNC machine tools in winter needs to start in the aspects of preheating, antifreeze and cleaning.


● To ensure that the cutting oil pump of the CNC machine is normal, the CNC machine must first be preheated.


● It is necessary to ensure the fluidity of the cutting oil of CNC machine tools. The purpose of this is to avoid the condensation of the temperature of the CNC machine tool, and the cooling oil supply system is not smooth, causing the cooling not to wear out in time.


● After the workshop workers are not able to ensure that the cutting oil does not condense in the environment after work, the best way is to clean out the cutting oil and eliminate the cutting oil in the spindle and the machine to prevent the equipment from being clogged due to the condensation of the cutting oil. rupture.


● If the cutting oil is cleaned out of the fuel tank the day before, the things to be done the next day must not forget to add the cutting oil to the fuel tank again, and the low speed operation of the machine needs to be ensured. This can effectively ensure the normal cutting oil. cool down.


● Workers need to clean up the impurities in the cutting oil in time. This can effectively avoid the internal blockage of the spindle, so as to avoid the problem that the cold cycle of the CNC machine tool is not smooth.


● Clean the chips in the machine in time to avoid the blockage of the oil drain system or the obstacles caused by the thrust, and may even cause the machine to malfunction.


When the machine is cold-proof, people also remember to keep warm, it is cold, remember to add clothes. SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is still adhering to the goal of “Doing the most cost-effective machine tool in China and serving the world”. If you have any needs, please contact us and look forward to your inquiry 24 hours of quality online service.

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