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Key Points and Process Measures for CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Sep 19, 2019

With the continuous development of technology, deep hole drilling is a typical structure of internal deep chip drilling. It is improved on the basis of a single hole in the deep hole drilling, and its cutting edge is double-sided and tooth-shaped. The chips are cut from both sides and enter the drill pipe discharge hole through the double-sided chip evacuation holes. The deep hole drilling has a uniform cutting force distribution, good performance in stages and chip breaking, stable and reliable drilling, and good linearity of the drilled deep hole.


1. Deep Hole Drilling Machine can't directly observe the cutting condition of the tool. Therefore, the wear and the tool wear condition can only be judged by listening to sound, looking at the chip, observing the machine load and cutting fluid pressure.

2, processing heat is difficult, must use effective and reliable cutting thermal cooling.

3, processing is difficult, such as the occurrence of cutting block is very easy to damage the tool, so the cutting amount must be reasonably selected to ensure reliable chip breaking, smooth chip removal.

4. The hole is easy to be skewed during processing. Therefore, the guiding device and measures should be considered in the design of the tool and the inlet structure.

5. When the CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine is processed, the drill pipe is long, the rigidity is poor, and it is easy to vibrate, which will directly affect the machining accuracy and production efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to choose the cutting amount reasonably.

cnc deep hole drilling machine(alles)

The following process measures can be taken in the processing of Deep Hole Drilling Machine:

(1) Before drilling, pre-drill a shallow hole with the same diameter as the drill bit, which can guide the centering when drilling. This step is especially necessary when machining small holes with high straightness requirements.

(2) When installing and debugging the machine tool, ensure that the center axis of the workpiece hole coincides with the center axis of the drill pipe.

(3) According to the material of the workpiece, the cutting amount is reasonably selected to control the degree of chip curling, and C-shaped chips which are favorable for chip removal are obtained. When machining high-strength material workpieces, the cutting speed V should be appropriately reduced. The amount of feed has a great influence on the formation of chips, and a small feed can be used under the premise of ensuring chip breaking.

(4) In order to ensure the drainage and cooling effect, the cutting fluid should maintain proper pressure and flow. High pressure and small flow rate can be used when processing small diameter deep holes, and low pressure and large flow rate can be used when processing large diameter deep holes.

(5) When starting drilling, first open the cutting fluid pump, then start the lathe, cut the cutter, end the drilling or when the fault occurs, stop the cutter first, then stop, and finally close the cutting fluid pump.

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