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Machine characteristics and performance of plane mask machine

Apr 20, 2020

One. Automatic feeding system

1. Aluminum alloy frame, solid and beautiful, to ensure accurate dimensions of finished products;

2. Stainless steel fixture can be adjusted left and right;

3. The tensioning wheel is set to adjust the tension of the fabric width, so as to effectively ensure the appearance and smoothness of the finished product;

4. Independent nose line delivery group, convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

Two. Folding system

1. Plug-in folding device, easy and quick adjustment

2. Large-diameter welding wheels effectively reduce product deformation.

Three. Ultrasonic heat sealing system

1. Titanium alloy molds, when most mask machine manufacturers use aluminum alloys, mask machines have provided and actively advocated customers to use titanium alloy molds, because they are easy to oxidize and crack, which is not suitable for long time The shortcomings of cargo operation and short service life, the advantages of titanium alloy are obvious:

A. Good toughness, suitable for long-term vibration;

B. The thermal / ultrasonic conductivity is strong, thus ensuring the beautiful welding and cutting effect of the product;

C. High hardness, not easy to crack, deform and rust;

D. Although the cost is about ten times different from that of aluminum alloy, from the perspective of overall production efficiency, the choice of titanium alloy mold is significantly better than aluminum alloy.

2. Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, the output is more powerful and stable; plus two sets of ultrasonic systems, effectively guarantee the welding quality of the product.

3. PLC program controls the operation of the whole machine, reducing the difficulty of operation for users.

Four. Discharging system

1. Form two pieces at one time to increase production speed.

2. The product discharge position is automatically stacked, which is convenient for the finishing and stacking of finished products, saving time and effort for the next process of ear strap welding.

Five. The performance of the whole machine is stable, the production speed is continuously adjustable, the production efficiency is high, up to 160 pieces per minute, the counting is convenient and accurate, the raw material utilization rate is high, the operation and adjustment are simple and convenient, the degree of automation is high, and the labor cost is effectively reduced.


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