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Notes on the use of multi-axis CNC drilling machines

Dec 04, 2019

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Multi-axis CNC drilling machine is widely used in drilling and tapping of porous parts in the machinery industry. For example, porous parts for valves, cars and motorcycles; engine cases, aluminum casting housings, brake drums, brake discs, steering gears, wheels, differential cases, axle heads, axles, axles, etc., pumps, valves Category, hydraulic components, solar accessories, etc. Multi-axis CNC drilling machine can be divided into two types: adjustable and fixed. Within the processing range of adjustable multi-hole drilling, the number of spindles and the interval between spindles can be adjusted at will, and several holes can be processed together in one feed.


Main points of using multi-axis CNC drilling machine:


1. Inspection before use of multi-axis CNC drilling machine:


1. Check if the chuck is good.


2. Check whether the work surface is parallel.


3. Push on the main power switch.


Second, some precautions in the use of multi-axis CNC drilling machine:


1. The drill fixture cannot be beaten, it needs to be fixed tightly with a wrench or the drill.


2. When drilling, pay attention that the drill bit cannot be drilled to the platform or fixture.


3. When drilling, first set a center point for the position where the workpiece is to be drilled.


4. The speed of the drilling machine is adjusted according to the size adjustment pulley of the drill bit. The higher the speed of the belt pulley, the slower the speed.


5. If the workpiece to be drilled is too small, it needs to be fixed with a clamp. Do not use the hand to stabilize the work.


6. Worktable adjustment.


Three, the maintenance of multi-axis CNC drilling machine after use:


1. After parking, clean the table and the ground iron filings, and return the tools to their positions.


2. Wait until everything is done before leaving the post.

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