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Precautions when processing aluminum parts

Jan 21, 2020

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CNC machine processed a variety of materials, of which aluminum is one of the most processed. When using CNC machine tools to process aluminum parts, you must pay attention to these places in order to make the processing size more stable.


1. State of the machine tool. Whether the processing is stable or not depends to a large extent on the state of the machine tool. Before processing, we must check the machine tool itself without any problems before starting the equipment.


2. Material cooling problem. The workpiece may deform after cooling. This situation is often difficult to avoid, at which time special attention needs to be paid to the use of coolant. The possibility of material deformation must also be considered when performing in-situ measurements.


3. Processing technology. Irrational processing techniques can easily cause dimensional errors in the workpiece. Basic process technology details such as "then rough, then finish, first face, then hole, first face, then small face" in milling CNC machining ), We must minimize the processing errors caused by iron filings on aluminum parts.


4. Parameter setting. Cutting speed, feed rate, cutting probing, and tool compensation will affect the stability of the machining, so you need to pay special attention.


5. Tool selection. Use special tools whenever possible when processing aluminum parts, which are often more targeted. For example, the milling cutter for milling aluminum usually has larger rake angle and helix angle, the cutting edge is sharper, it is more conducive to the processing of aluminum parts (such as anti-dust accumulation), and the surface quality will be better.


6. Stress. Aluminum parts are relatively soft, so you need to pay special attention to the clamping force. In addition, during processing, the aluminum parts are roughened and left intact for a period of time before the next step to eliminate stress.


In addition, in the processing of aluminum parts, pay attention to chip removal and the use of cutting fluid. There are many factors that affect the stability of aluminum parts processing, so it is necessary to respond flexibly in processing, and analyze specific problems. Stable machine tools, reasonable processing technology and tools, and the technical level of operators are all factors that affect product quality. I hope that today's SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD can help customers who need it.

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