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Precision machining CNC machine tools use attention and structural features

Nov 21, 2019

Precision Machining CNC Machine Tool: A machine tool that uses digital information to achieve automatic control. It encodes the information related to the machined parts with the specified characters, numbers and symbols, and writes them into a machining program according to a certain format, and then inputs them into the numerical control device through the control medium, and after the analysis and processing by the numerical control device, each of them is issued. The signals and commands corresponding to the machining program are automatically processed.


The ultra-precision CNC machine tool system has three main parts: the main shaft, the transverse feed mechanism, and the longitudinal feed mechanism. The main shaft is supported by an air magnetic bearing and driven by a motor with a frequency converter. Both the lateral feed mechanism and the longitudinal feed mechanism use a granite slide and a square guide rail structure. Each servo motor directly drives the ball screw to drive the slide. The table moves on the rails.

 Precision Machining(alles cnc)

Precision machining CNC machine tools use attention:


1. Power requirements;


2. CNC machine tools should have operating procedures: regular maintenance, maintenance, faults, records, and protection sites;


3. CNC machine tools should not be sealed for a long time, which will lead to storage system failure and data loss in the long run;


4. Pay attention to training and equipment operators, maintenance personnel and programmers


5. The environment in which the CNC machine tool is used: For the CNC machine tool, it is placed in a constant temperature environment and away from equipment with high vibration and equipment with electromagnetic interference;


Precision machining CNC machine tool structure features:


1. Fully enclosed, no pipeline exposed, neat and beautiful.


2. The servo motor's rapid feed rate can reach 20 m / min.


3. The lathe is equipped with hard limit, zero return and other function switches, which are safe and reliable.


4. High precision, high speed, easy operation, double rail automatic positioning main rail mode, good machine rigidity.


5. Double-off axle rail balance configuration 3 sliders, which is more conducive to improve the rigidity and life of the machine.


6. Lubrication method adopts circulating uninterrupted oil supply, and the lubricating oil is recycled and utilized, which not only improves the life of the machine tool, but also saves the cost of lubricating oil.


Precision machining CNC machine maintenance:


1. Periodically replace the memory battery


2. Regularly clean the cooling and ventilation system of the CNC cabinet


3. Strictly observe the operating procedures and daily maintenance system


4. Maintenance of spare parts for maintenance of mechanical parts


5. Frequently monitor the grid voltage of the CNC system: the grid voltage range is 85% to 110% of the rated value.


6. Maintenance of the CNC system when not in use for a long time: often power on the CNC system or make the CNC machine run the temperature program.


7. Precision machining CNC machine tools prevent dust from entering the CNC device: floating dust and metal powder can easily cause insulation resistance between components to drop, which can cause malfunction or even damage components.

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