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Problems encountered in high-speed machining of ALLES CNC machines

Apr 28, 2019

Now ALLES CNCMACHINE is becoming more and more popular in various fields. Its use promotes industrial production to a certain extent, improves work efficiency, and has a wide variety; but there are some precautions that may be less when using ALLES CNCMACHINE. Understand, the following are detailed notes, I hope this text of ALLES CNC can help everyone.


1. In use, it is necessary to protect the tool setting tool, and do not let it be excessively eroded by oil.

2. It is forbidden to place any tools or workpieces on the beam of the machine tool.

3. When moving the light, do not pull the lamp, so it is easy to pull the lamp.

4. It is forbidden to place magnetic tools such as magnetic suction cups and dial gauges on the electric control cabinet, otherwise the display will be damaged.

5, remember to pay attention to when opening and closing the machine door, do not open the slamming, in the finishing process, the impact vibration during the opening process, will result in the surface of the machine has a knife.

6, to the spindle speed, after the start of processing, otherwise the spindle is slow to start, so that the machine does not reach the desired speed to start processing, causing the motor to die.

7. During the machining process, do not observe near the cutting area to prevent flying debris from hurting your eyes. When the spindle motor is rotating, it is forbidden to perform any operation on the work surface.

8, pay attention to the control of flying debris, flying debris is very harmful to the machine tool, flying into the electric control cabinet will lead to short circuit, flying to the guide rail will reduce the life of the screw and guide rail, so when processing, the machine tool The main part is sealed.

Finally, it is recommended that you work on the machine to about two-thirds of the best tool change. For example, if the tool wears severely in 60 minutes, the next time it is processed, it should start to change the tool in 40 minutes, and develop the habit of regular tool change.

Milling cutter head

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