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Standard for high-speed CNC Drilling Machine

Apr 17, 2020

The possibility of process refers to the ability of high-speed CNC Drilling Machine to adapt to different production requirements. The universal CNC Plate Drilling Machine can complete the multi-process machining of various parts within a certain size range. The dedicated CNC plane drilling machine can only complete the specific process of one or several parts to simplify the plane drilling structure and reduce the cost of plane drilling.

The index of the quality of a high-speed CNC Drilling Machine of a beam:

1. Geometric accuracy refers to CNC Plate Drilling Machine's mutual position accuracy between parts and the shape accuracy and position accuracy of main parts when it is not in operation. Geometric accuracy has an important influence on machining accuracy, so it is the main index for evaluating the accuracy of plane drilling machines.

2. Motion accuracy refers to the geometric position accuracy of the main parts when the high-speed CNC Drilling Machine is running at the working speed. The greater the change in the geometric position, the lower the motion accuracy.

3. Transmission accuracy refers to the coordination and uniformity of the movement between the end parts of the high-speed CNC Plate Drilling Machine transmission chain.

Standard for high-speed CNC Drilling Machine

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