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Steel structure equipment

Jan 15, 2020

cnc beam drilling machine

With the rapid development of the steel structure industry, first of all, the demand for steel structure manufacturing equipment is also increasing, especially representing the level of advanced manufacturing, and the rapid development of information-based automation equipment technology. Mass production of steel structure production lines. Increased the production capacity of steel structures. CNC machine company headed by SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Through more than 30 years of innovation and development, the steel structure manufacturing industry has provided a large number of basic, applicable and modern CNC machining equipment, which has promoted the rapid development of modern steel structure manufacturing industry.


First, the characteristics of steel structure CNC machining equipment

Steel structure processing equipment is divided into two categories, one is the primary processing equipment, whose role is to process flat plates into H-shaped steel and box beams; the second category is the secondary numerical control complete set of price equipment, mainly including CNC plate drilling machine, CNC beam drilling machine, H-beam corner band saw, CNC lock milling, CNC flame lock machine, CNC continuous cutting machine, CNC universal drill and workpiece automatic transmission system, its role is to perform secondary processing of the formed steel. Processing equipment is the key to quality assurance of large-scale production of steel structures.


Second, equipment management ideas for steel structure enterprises

1. Strengthen infrastructure construction, reasonable selection and reasonable arrangement of process equipment;

2. Strengthen the training of equipment talents;

3. Do a good job of equipment management;

4, timely repair, try not to let the equipment work with illness;

5. There are plans and steps to do a good job of equipment management, from periodic maintenance to equipment inspection and from inspection to TMP management

6. Strengthen the supervision and management of equipment maintenance;

7. Assess maintenance costs.

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