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Talking about the principle of clamping and fixture selection and machining error in NC machining

Jun 12, 2019

As a part of the CNC machine tool industry, ALLES CNC adheres to consistent quality. The following ALLES CNC brings you to discuss the principles of clamping, fixture selection and machining error in CNC machining.

1. Parts clamping in CNC machining

The basic principle of positioning and installation, the most important is to rationally choose the positioning benchmark and the clamping scheme. The specific principles to be followed are:


(1) Design, process and programming, we must strive to unify the benchmark;


(2) The number of times of clamping should be reduced as much as possible, and the processing surface can be processed as much as possible after one clamping position.



2. Basic principles for selecting fixtures in CNC machining

(1) The coordinate direction of the fixture and the machine tool should be relatively fixed, and the dimensions of the part and the machine coordinate system should be coordinated as much as possible.


(2) If the processing volume is not very large, try to use combination fixtures, adjustable fixtures or other versatile fixtures to shorten production time and reduce production costs.


(3) If it is mass production, then special fixtures can be considered, but the fixture structure should be as simple as possible.


(4) The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable, and the parts on the fixture should not interfere with the processing of the various surfaces of the parts.


3. Machining error in CNC machining

Machining errors in CNC machining mainly include programming errors, machine tool errors, positioning errors, and tool setting errors.


Programming error: It is the error generated during the programming process, which consists of approximation error and rounding error.

Machine tool error: mainly including numerical control system error, feed system error and so on.


Positioning error: It is the error generated by the workpiece or fixture during the positioning process.


Tool setting error: refers to the error generated when determining the relative position of the tool and the workpiece.

Talking about the principle of clamping and fixture selection and machining error in NC machining

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