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Teach you how to choose a high precision CNC Vertical Machine Center

Sep 10, 2019

The precision of the machine tool directly determines the yield of the machine. The high-precision machine tool plays an important role in reducing the defective products and reducing the loss of production materials. The accuracy of the machine tool is an important indicator to measure the performance of the machine. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the machine tool. The accuracy of the machine tool itself is a major factor. What factors determine the accuracy of the CNC Vertical Machine Center?


Geometric accuracy

The geometric accuracy of the machine tool is the most basic condition to ensure the machining accuracy. The geometrical accuracy of the CNC machine tool reflects the geometric error of the key mechanical components of the machine tool (such as bed, sliding saddle, column, headstock, etc.) and the geometric error of the assembled machine, including the flatness of the work surface and the direction of each coordinate. The mutual perpendicularity of the movement, the parallelism of the movement in the X and Y coordinate directions of the work surface, the radial runout of the spindle hole, the turbulence of the spindle axis, and the parallelism of the main axis when the spindle head moves along the z-axis axis The straightness of the spindle moving in the z-axis coordinate direction and the perpendicularity of the spindle rotary axis to the work surface.

ALLES CNC uses the precision of the assembly line to grasp every step of every detail. Each program is rigorously tested and recorded before entering the next step. The three-dimensional measurement test, the laser test, and the round-robin test ensure the parallelism and verticality of the three-dimensional space of the equipment.


Transmission accuracy

The CNC Vertical Machine Center's transmission accuracy refers to the relative motion accuracy between the two end pieces of the associated drive chain in the machine tool. There is an error in the transmission chain between the main shaft and the tool holder, such as gears, screws and bearings, so that there is an error between the actual distance of the tool holder and the required distance. This error will directly cause the pitch error of the workpiece. In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece, not only the machine tool has the necessary geometric precision, but also the internal transmission chain has high transmission precision.

The ALLES CNC vertical machining center guarantees the precision of the vertical cone of the spindle and the shank by strict spindle inspection.


Positioning accuracy

The positioning accuracy of the CNC Vertical Machine Center refers to the error between the position reached by the moving part and the expected position when it is moved under the control of the numerical control system. This precision is the same as the geometrical accuracy of the machine tool, which will have an important impact on the cutting accuracy of the machine tool, especially affecting the hole pitch error during the hole machining.

ALLES CNC parts and product machining center X/Y/Z three-axis adopts high-precision linear slides and high-precision grinding screws to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine at high speed. The full-stroke motion accuracy is compensated by laser correction to ensure the machine. Calibration result.


In addition, geometric accuracy, transmission accuracy, and positioning accuracy are static accuracy that is detected without cutting load and without the machine moving or moving at a low speed. Due to the influence of cutting force and clamping force in the actual working of the machine tool, the machine tool zero and components have the influence of thermal deformation, the vibration of the machine tool, the influence of the oil film between the sliding surface and other factors, thus affecting the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

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