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The generation and development of small CNC machine tools

Jun 12, 2019

With the development of modern science and technology, small CNC machine tools have become compact, convenient, and multi-functional features have become a trend of the masses. Now ALLES CNC takes you into the development of small CNC machine tools.


The continuous development of science and technology puts higher and higher requirements on the quality and productivity of mechanical products. Automation of the machining process is one of the most important measures to achieve the above requirements. It not only improves the quality of products, increases production efficiency, reduces production costs, but also greatly improves workers' working conditions. Large-scale automated production uses automatic machine tools, combination machine tools and special machine tools as well as dedicated automatic production lines to implement multi-tool and multi-station multi-face simultaneous machining to achieve high efficiency and high automation. But these are all rigid automation, not suitable for small batch production, because small batch production requires frequent changes in the type of product, which requires flexibility in the production line. To some extent, the emergence of CNC machine tools is very satisfying this requirement. As the ALLES CNC of the CNC machine tool industry, we develop small machine tools and fulfill our high requirements for our products, and we are at the forefront of the industry.

 In 1952, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology successfully developed a three-coordinate linkage, using the experimental numerical control system of the pulse multiplier principle, and installed it on a vertical milling machine. The electronic components used at that time were electron tubes, which was the first CNC machine tool in the world. With the development of the times, the CNC machine tool industry has become more and more popular. Large-scale CNC machine tools have not been able to meet the needs of customers. Convenient and light-weight is what people are now pursuing. According to this situation, ALLES CNC has successfully developed a small CNC machine tool. The CNC drilling machine SDAL SERIES CNC PLATE DRILLING MILLING MACHINE is mainly used for efficient drilling of workpieces in the effective range of flat plates, discs and ring parts. . CNC wire-cutting machine tools have successfully entered the ranks of small-scale CNC machine tools due to their simple structure and convenient use.

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The generation and development of small CNC machine tools

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