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The high-speed rail has made a big move

Sep 17, 2019


In the future, the distance is long and the time is up.

No need to fly again!

Not to go to the waiting room a few hours in advance

Sitting directly on the "high-speed flight train"




Super high-speed rail, 4 times faster than the plane!


What is the concept of 4000 km/h?

If you compare at the top speed

The speed of the super high-speed rail is three times the speed of sound!

Four times the speed of the plane!


I took a nap and went to the station.

Talking about people is:

10 times faster than the current high-speed rail!

Where is this a high-speed rail?

It’s just an accelerated version of the big plane!


3 minutes from Beijing to Tianjin

Beijing to Shanghai 20 minutes

Even Guangzhou to Beijing

Across almost half of China

It only takes 30 minutes!


High-speed flight trains run

We can achieve it within an hour

Shuttle to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei, Chengdu

Achieve an hour of economic circle!


This super high-speed rail core technology

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation

High-speed rail technology used in comprehensive research and development

All are the best in the world!

It's a bit like a capsule train in anime

Each capsule is placed in a vacuum line

Fired to the destination like a cannonball~

Can you imagine? You are the flying cannonball!





▲Super high-speed rail design concept map


Equipped with a low vacuum environment

Supersonic shape reduces overall air resistance

Will be reduced to 3% of the traditional high-speed rail!


Plus magnetic levitation technology

Super high-speed rail at full speed

The whole vehicle will be suspended in the air, worthy of the name.

"Fly! OK! Column! Car!"



This is not playing a science fiction movie!

But everything is really happening...





It has been built in the laboratory of China.

The world's first vacuum pipeline super high-speed maglev train

Ring experimental line platform!

This is a breakthrough in China's railway and aviation sector.

The biggest breakthrough ever!

Great, my country!


How to build high-speed rail?

ALLES CNC Machine Center specializes in the machining of internal profiles for rail traffic.

The ALLES CNC ALVMC uses the BT40 spindle taper for up to 30 meters.

It can drill, mill, tap, chamfer and other high-iron internal profile parts.

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