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The main functions and processing range of CNC milling machine

Jun 13, 2019

With the development of modern science and technology, a single CNC machine tool has gradually been eliminated by the industry, and multi-function has become a popular trend. Now ALLES company takes you into the world of multi-function machines.


Point control function

The position control of CNC milling machine is mainly used for hole machining of workpieces, such as center drilling positioning, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming and boring. Continuous control function Mills the plane and surface of the workpiece by linear interpolation, circular interpolation or complex curve interpolation movement of the CNC milling machine. ALLES's CNC milling machines are divided into gantry series and bridge series. For example, bridge type CNC milling machines, bridge type cross-track moving gantry milling machines can process planes and curved surfaces and holes, which improves production efficiency and processing quality.

Tool radius compensation

If you program directly according to the workpiece contour, the actual contour will have a larger tool radius value when machining the inner contour of the workpiece; the actual contour will be smaller than the tool radius value when machining the outer contour of the workpiece. Using the tool radius compensation method, the CNC system automatically calculates the tool center trajectory so that the tool center deviates from the workpiece contour by a tool radius value, thereby machining the contour that meets the drawing requirements. By using the tool radius compensation function, the tool radius compensation amount can be changed, and the tool wear amount and machining error can be compensated for rough machining and finishing of the workpiece.


Tool length compensation

By changing the compensation amount of the tool length, the length deviation value after the tool change can be compensated, and the plane position of the cutting process can be changed to 

Planar machining: CNC machine milling planes can be divided into horizontal (XY) machining of workpieces, positive plane (XZ) machining of workpieces and side plane (YZ) machining of workpieces. This planar milling can be done using a two-axis, semi-controlled CNC milling machine.

Surface Machining: If milling a complex surface, you need a CNC milling machine with three or more axes.


ALLES's multi-type products can realize the processing of flat and curved surfaces. The machine is simple, easy to operate and diversified. It is the choice of many customers at home and abroad. (For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD)

The main functions and processing range of CNC milling machine

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