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The speed of the table of CNC gantry type machine center is abnormal

Dec 19, 2019

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CNC gantry type machine center has the function of automatic tool change, which can be processed in multiple processes such as milling, boring, drilling, etc. It is widely used in the machining of large and medium-sized precision parts. The large CNC gantry type machine center has a large work table, which has the characteristics of accurate positioning, strong stability, and small errors. The workbench is basically rectangular. The large castings such as the table, bed, column, beam and ram adopt cast iron or welded parts. The inner cavity of the casting is a honeycomb composite arrangement structure. The design is advanced, and all are subjected to aging and secondary tempering to eliminate residual internal stress and stabilize the material. To ensure the stability of workpiece processing accuracy and machine tool life. Is the speed of the table of the CNC gantry type machine center normal? How do you know?


1. If the forward and reverse speed control handle of the CNC gantry type machine center is turned to the right to the end, when the speed cannot reach a, then the reason is: insufficient shift voltage of the excitation circuit, excessive voltage negative feedback, and other reasons.


2. The negative voltage and the negative voltage are often caused by an open circuit in 200-s, -F. The voltage between 200V-SY-F was less than one-half of the generator voltage, 200V-S, -F. After the open circuit, the voltage between two points is basically equal to the generator voltage, that is, it has increased by 2 times on the original basis.


3. During the transition process, we must pay attention to the overshoot phenomenon of the CNC gantry type machine center. In these processes, the speed depends on the maximum overshoot of the process to locate the IF off. The decompression is just fine.


4. In the production process of CNC gantry type machine center, after the workbench is unable to move, the reason is caused by positive current feedback, and more serious is the conversion of positive current feedback into negative feedback, which will cause work. Do not move the table.

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