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The way to integrate industrial robots with CNC machine tools

Jun 27, 2019

1. Manufacturing and manufacturing aspects

The robot participates in the machining and manufacturing of the machine tool parts to realize automation. The special machine tool serves the precision machining of the robot-specific reducer, improves the processing quality and mass production efficiency, etc., and has a great space for integration and development. With the strategic cooperation between the two companies, robot companies can achieve the following goals by means of the manufacturing and process technology capabilities of machine tool manufacturers:

(1) Robot-oriented body castings and reducer structural parts, jointly research and form batch precision manufacturing technology, improve the batch production capacity and process level of robots, overcome reliability and consistency technology, and achieve efficient, stable and precise beat production.

(2) Facing the integration ability of robot tooling, fixtures and machine production lines, and entrusting the promotion of application robots by means of the channel resources of the majority of end machine customers of major machine tool factories.

(3) Research and development of industrial robots for machine bed sheet machines and production line cutting and parts handling, scraping, chamfering, polishing, welding, spraying (powder) and other automation, flexible production, machine tool enterprises and industrial robot companies To realize the automatic processing of the whole machine parts and promote the technical level of machine tool manufacturing.

(4) The key components of the mechanical body of the industrial robot, such as the turntable, the boom, the box, the support sleeve, the arm, the wrist, etc., the dimensional accuracy and the shape tolerance are all required to be high, for the machining equipment, fixtures, The measuring tools have high requirements; the structural optimization and processing of the key components such as the cycloidal tooth housing, the planetary pin wheel, the eccentric shaft and the planet carrier of the robot reducer, the current domestic processing equipment, assembly process, precision detection, etc. Still difficult to achieve. However, based on the use of domestic CNC machine tools and tools and equipment to complete related processing, it will help improve the design and processing level of high-end precision mechanical parts in China, and promote the application and development of domestic CNC equipment and domestic CNC machine tools.

2. In terms of integrated applications

The machine tool loading and unloading robot realizes the machine plus flexible production line will be a convenient and effective promotion method. The number of CNC machine tools in China is about 2 million. The robot enterprise is the first to apply the machine tool loading and unloading flexible machine plus production line. It will have a large market demand, and it will also help to automate and digitize mechanical parts such as machine tool manufacturing and robots. The networked production mode can realize process intelligent control and information management, improve production efficiency and product quality, and improve process management level until the overall level of equipment manufacturing industry is promoted. For example, Guangzhou CNC has formed strategic partnerships with machine tool manufacturers such as Dalian Machine Tool and Baoji Machine Tool, and jointly developed projects such as robot-specific processing machine tools, processing technology applications, robotic machines and automatic flexible production applications, which promoted mutual integration of their respective industries.

There is a gap between the domestic robot and machine tool industry and the international advanced level. Especially as an industrial robot in emerging industries, it starts later than the domestic machine tool industry, regardless of manufacturing process level, control system, or integrated application experience; regardless of technical standard maturity, or professional talents The degree of possession restricts the current development speed, and it is still necessary to seek progress in the exploration. However, we believe that the deep integration of the two is of great significance for improving the comprehensive competitiveness of China's equipment manufacturing industry.As a member of CNC machine tools, ALLES CNC, as the thinker of CNC machine tools, has consistently developed the integration of industrial robots and CNC machine tools. (For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD)

The way to integrate industrial robots with CNC machine tools

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