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The World Internet Conference has achieved five first time and the most complete highlights are here

Oct 21, 2019

Internet Light Expo Center welcomes guests for the first time

The 6th World Internet Conference launched the new pavilion, the Internet Light Expo Center. The new pavilion is based on black and white, and the roof uses nearly 850,000 pieces of small blue tiles, which echoes the traditional style of Wuzhen traditional waters and integrates into one. The entire pavilion consists of five continuous arcs. It resembles a spring silkworm with a puppies heading forward. It contains knotted butterflies, new Internet technologies, and the good meaning of new companies taking off here.

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Internet Light Expo Center


The Global Internet Competition kicks off for the first time

This year, the highlight of the new conference, the “Tongtong Wuzhen” Global Internet Competition, will be unveiled during the conference. On the basis of “sub-forums and leading scientific and technological achievements + Internet Light Expo”, “1 + 3" will be a new pattern.


Sub-forum first diversified

The theme of the 6th World Internet Conference is “Intelligent Internet Openness and Cooperation – Join Hands to Build a Network Space Destiny Community”. The sub-forum of the conference is scheduled for the afternoon of October 20th and the full day of the 21st. The forum venue will be arranged at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center and Wuzha Pillow Water Resort Hotel in Xizha Scenic Area.

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There are 20 sub-forums in the four key sections

Science and Technology, "Industry and Economy", "Humanities and Society", "Cooperation and Governance", four key sub-forums, set up 20 sub-forums, uphold the concept of openness, equality, mutual trust and win-win, and invite global Internet leaders and heavyweights. The guests jointly discussed and responded to the modern international community's depth of development of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things.

Intelligent driving "5G automatic micro-transport"

More than 60 intelligent projects such as the remotely-driven unmanned vehicle and the millimeter-wave human body security instrument will be unveiled at the conference, so that guests can share the fruits of Internet development. The scene that appeared in the sci-fi blockbuster has now become a reality in Wuzhen. This is the world's first intelligent driving "5G automatic micro-transport". The car was full of people, but no one intervened in the driver's seat.

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5G automatic micro-bus

These “5G automatic micro-buses” will be mainly used to solve the problem of urban residents from the subway to the last section of the residential area. These cars will be launched globally in Wuzhen on the opening day of the conference on October 20th each year.

Realize full coverage of 5G network for the first time

In March of this year, Jiaxing's first mobile 5G base station that met the commercial network standard was opened in Wuzhen, and Wuzhen has achieved full coverage of 5G network towns. In June this year, the country's first dedicated Internet data channel in county-level cities was opened in Tongxiang. In fact, Tongxiang is only a microcosm. The Internet has completely changed the economic outlook of Zhejiang. In the fields of health care, education and other people's livelihood, the Internet has also infiltrated the life of Tongxiang people like oil and rice.

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