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Jun 14, 2019

When everything has a "rest", do you know how to "wake up" it when the CNC machine "rests"? Now follow the footsteps of ALLES CNC to find the answer.

In CNC machine tools, most of the faults have data to check, but there are also some faults. The alarm information provided is more ambiguous or even no alarm at all, or the period of occurrence is long, irregular, irregular, and brings the search analysis. A lot of difficulties. For such machine tool failures, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation and carry out patient search, and the comprehensive knowledge of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects is especially needed for inspection. Otherwise, it is difficult to find the real cause of the fault quickly and correctly.


Abnormal machining accuracy: system parameters change or modification, mechanical failure, machine tool electrical parameters are not optimized motor operation abnormality, machine tool position ring abnormality or control logic is not appropriate, is a common cause of abnormal machining accuracy of CNC machine tools in production, find out relevant The fault point is processed and the machine tool can be restored to normal. In production, it often encounters faults in the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. Such faults are highly concealed and difficult to diagnose.


There are five main reasons for this type of failure:


1. The machine feed unit is changed or changed;


2. The zero offset (NULLOFFSET) of each axis of the machine tool is abnormal;


3. The axial backlash (BACKLASH) is abnormal;


4. The motor running state is abnormal, that is, the electrical and control parts are faulty;


5, mechanical failure, such as screw, bearings, shafting and other components.


In addition, the programming of the machining program, the selection of the tool and the human factors may also result in abnormal machining accuracy.


The machining accuracy caused by mechanical failure is abnormal, and the following aspects should be checked one by one.


1. Check the machining program section that is running when the machine tool accuracy is abnormal, especially the proofreading and calculation of the tool length compensation and machining coordinate system (G54~G59).


2. In the jog mode, the Z-axis is repeatedly moved, and the motion state is diagnosed by visual, touch, and listening. It is found that the Z-direction motion sound is abnormal, especially the fast jog, and the noise is more obvious. Judging from this, there may be hidden dangers in the mechanical aspect.

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