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What are the advantages of the turning and milling machine tool processing?

Jun 13, 2019

Turn-milling machine tools are the fastest growing and most widely used CNC equipment in multi-tasking machines. Machine tool compounding is one of the important directions in the development of machine tools. The compound machine tool also includes various forms such as turning and milling compounding, turning and milling compounding, milling and grinding compounding, cutting and 3D printing compounding, cutting and ultrasonic vibration compounding, laser and stamping compounding, etc. The purpose of compounding is to make a machine tool more Functionality, multi-tasking can be done in one setup, improving machining efficiency and machining accuracy.

Compared with the conventional CNC machining process, the outstanding advantages of turning and milling composite machine tools are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


(1) Shorten the manufacturing process chain and improve production efficiency.


CNC turning and milling compound center can install a variety of special tools, new tool arrangement, reduce tool change time and improve processing efficiency. Turning and milling combined processing can realize all or most of the processing steps in one clamping, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process. chain. Selecting the quality machine tool to look for ALLES CNC, on the one hand, reduces the production assistance time caused by the change of the loading, and also reduces the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of the tooling fixture, which can significantly improve the production efficiency.


In the machining efficiency of CNC turning and milling compound center, the new CNC turning and milling compound center can load more special machining tools. The tool arrangement is completely different from the traditional CNC machining machines, which can reduce the tool change time and improve the machining efficiency. The turning and milling combined machining can complete all or most of the machining processes in one setup, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain.

(2) Reduce the number of clamping and improve the processing accuracy.


The reduction in the number of times of loading avoids the accumulation of errors due to the conversion of the positioning reference. At the same time, most of the current turning and milling composite processing equipments have the function of online detection, which can realize the in-position detection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the processing precision of the products; the high-intensity integrated bed design improves the difficulty. The gravity processing capability of the cutting material; the turning and milling composite machine tool is equipped with an automatic feeding device, which can realize automatic feeding to be continuous, and basically realizes the assembly line operation of a single machine tool.


During turning and milling, the tool performs intermittent cutting, which enables shorter cutting of workpieces formed from any material and is easy to automatically remove chips. And intermittent chips can allow the knife to cool for a sufficient time, reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece, and improve the life of the tool. Compared with the traditional CNC machine tools, the speed of turning and milling is higher, the quality of the cut products is better, the cutting force is reduced, the precision of the thin-walled rods and the elongated rods is improved, and the workpiece forming quality is high.


Since the cutting speed can be decomposed into the rotation speed of the workpiece and the rotation speed of the tool, according to the mechanical characteristics, the same machining effect can be achieved by increasing the rotation speed of the tool and reducing the rotation speed of the workpiece. This feature is especially suitable for the processing of large forging blanks. Effective, because the speed of the forging blank can reduce the vibration caused by the eccentricity of the workpiece or the periodic variation of the radial cutting force, thus ensuring the smooth cutting of the workpiece and reducing the error in the machining of the workpiece.


When the turning and milling machine tool is used to machine the workpiece, the low rotation speed of the workpiece can effectively reduce the centrifugal force of the workpiece and avoid deformation of the workpiece, which is beneficial to improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Selecting the quality machine tool to look at ALLES CNC, the use of large longitudinal feed in the turning and milling process can also get accurate cutting, the surface roughness can also be effectively guaranteed, the turning and milling machine tool can be different by car, milling, drilling, boring, etc. The method realizes the processing of the workpiece, and the workpiece can also complete the multi-face machining task in one time to ensure the processing precision.

(3) Reduce floor space and reduce production costs.


The compact and beautiful shape design improves the space utilization mode, and the maintenance and repair is more convenient for the customer to get the maximum satisfaction. Although the single price of the turning and milling composite processing equipment is relatively high, the manufacturing process chain is shortened and the equipment required for the product is reduced. , as well as the reduction in the number of fixtures, workshop space and equipment maintenance costs, can effectively reduce the cost of investment, production operations and management of the total fixed assets.


Secondly, the savings in production cost of CNC turning and milling compound center machine tools can also be seen. The compact design improves the use of the site and can be more convenient in maintenance. At present, the single CNC turning and milling complex center The price of the equipment is relatively high, but the reduction in equipment and maintenance costs required for the manufacturing process and the brakes can be very good at controlling the operation and management costs of the production.

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