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What are the characteristics of CNC milling machines?

Jun 24, 2019

Want to know what kind of characteristics of CNC milling machine? Today, CNC milling machine manufacturer ALLES CNC will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of CNC milling machine?

1, processing characteristics

For the machining parts are frame-shaped planes or steps of unequal height, then the CNC milling machine with the point---linear system can be used. If the machining part is a curved contour, the system that selects the two-coordinate linkage and the three-coordinate linkage should be determined according to the geometry of the surface. For example, ALLES' BRIDGE TYPE CNC MILLING MACHINE is a precision machine tool that combines mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and numerical control. Its structural feature is that the bridge cross-rail mobile gantry milling machine can process planes, surfaces and holes. According to the requirements of parts processing, on the basis of the general CNC milling machine, the numerical control indexing head or the numerical control rotary table can be added. At this time, the system of the machine tool is a four-coordinate numerical control system, which can process spiral grooves and blade parts.

2, size

The smaller size of the bench-top CNC milling machine has a table width of less than 400mm. It is ideal for machining small and medium-sized parts and contour milling of complex shapes. For larger specifications, such as gantry milling machines, the table is 500-600mm or more, which is used to solve the processing needs of large and complex parts.

3, accuracy

China has established the accuracy standard of CNC milling machine, among which CNC vertical milling machine lifting table milling machine has professional standards. The standard stipulates that the positioning accuracy of the linear motion coordinates is 0.04/300mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.025mm, and the milling precision is 0.035mm. In fact, the machine tool factory precision has a considerable reserve, which is about 20% smaller than the tolerance of the national standard. For example, ALLES' GANTRY TYPE SERIES includes positioning accuracy and repeatability, as well as high stiffness and sudden strength to ensure long-term stable operation. Therefore, from the perspective of accuracy selection, the general CNC milling machine can meet the processing needs of most parts. For parts with higher precision requirements, you should consider the use of precision CNC milling machines.

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What are the characteristics of CNC milling machines

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