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What are the characteristics of deep hole machining tools? Are you clear?

Jun 13, 2019

In machining, the hole with a hole depth to hole ratio greater than 6 is usually called a deep hole. It is difficult to dissipate heat and chip when deep hole drilling, and the bending and vibration are easy due to the slenderness of the drill pipe. Cooling and chip removal problems with a pressure cooling system. Hole machining tools can be divided into drilling tools, boring tools, reaming tools and reaming tools.

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What are the characteristics of deep hole machining knives:


1. There are many drilling tools, mainly including ordinary twist drills, indexable shallow hole drills and flat drills. Ordinary twist drills are usually used for drilling holes in the machining center. The ordinary twist drills are mainly composed of the working part and the shank. The tool shank part is a straight shank and a taper shank. The shank of the straight shank tool is mainly a spring collet shank. It has the advantages of automatic centering and automatic elimination of yaw, so it is best to use this type for small-sized tools.


The working part includes a cutting part and a guiding part, and the guiding part of the twist drill serves to guide, fix the chip and transport the cutting fluid. Select quality machine to look for ALLES CNC. Twist drill is generally used for roughing of lower precision hole. Since the fixture used in machining center has no drill sleeve centering guide, the drill bit is easy to yaw during high speed rotary cutting, and the cross of the drill bit The length of the blade is so that the center hole is drilled with a center hole to guide the drill bit during drilling.

2. The main feature of boring is to obtain the precise position of the hole and obtain high precision roundness, cylindricity and surface roughness. Therefore, the hole with higher precision can be guaranteed by a file. ALLES CNC is the main product of the company with rotary top, screw, shaft machining, CNC lathe machining, shank shank and collet post. The boring tool can be divided into single-blade boring tool and double-edged boring tool according to the number of cutting edges. The boring through hole, the blind hole and the stepped hole can be completed by a single-edged boring tool; when machining the large-diameter hole, a double-edged boring tool can be used. In addition, there is a fine-tuning boring tool. At the machining center, a fine-tuning boring tool is often used for the fine hole of the hole. The boring tool is convenient to adjust and has high precision.

3. The machining center uses reaming drills for reaming, and also uses reaming knives for reaming. For example, a straight shank type reaming knives can be used when the diameter of the reaming hole is small, and a taper shank reaming knives can be used when the reaming diameter is medium. When the reaming diameter is large, a sleeve reaming knives can be used. In addition, keyhole milling cutters or end mills can be used for reaming, which is more controllable than conventional reaming drills.


Because the end mill has cutting edges on both the cylindrical surface and the end face, it can be cut at the same time, or it can be cut separately, and the tool in the machining center can be fed either axially or horizontally like a horizontal milling machine. Therefore, using the helical interpolation command on the machining center, the end mill is used to ream the hole, and only a single tool can be used to complete the machining of a plurality of different apertures.

4. Reaming is generally used in the final stage of machining, and most of it is used for finishing with small diameter. Because the number of teeth of the reaming hole is large, the guiding is good, the chip groove is shallow, and the rigidity is good, the dimensional accuracy of the hole after processing is high. Ordinary standard reamer has three kinds of straight shank, taper shank and sleeve type, which can be selected according to need during processing.

What are the characteristics of deep hole machining tools? Are you clear?

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