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What are the nature of faults in CNC machine tools?

May 28, 2018

(1) Deterministic faults Deterministic faults refer to the failure of the hardware in the control system host or as long as certain conditions are met. This kind of fault phenomenon is most common on CNC machine tools, but because it has certain rules, it also brings convenience to maintenance. Certain faults are irreparable. Once a fault occurs, if it is not repaired, the machine tool will not Automatically returned to normal. However, as long as the root cause of the failure is found out, the machine can return to normal immediately after the maintenance is completed. Proper use and careful maintenance are important measures to prevent or avoid failures.

(2) Random failure Random failure is the accidental failure of the index control machine tool during the work process. The causes of such failures are more subtle, it is difficult to find out the regularity, so it is often called "soft failure", the reason of random failure Analysis and fault diagnosis are more difficult. In general, the occurrence of faults is often related to many factors such as the installation quality of components, the setting of parameters, the quality of components, the imperfection of software design, and the influence of the working environment.

Random faults are recoverable. After a fault occurs, the machine can normally recover by restarting the machine. However, the same fault may occur during operation.