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What are the requirements for CNC machine tool lubrication methods?

Jun 13, 2019

The lubrication method of the CNC machine tool and the choice of lubricating grease are determined according to the structure of the machine tool, the degree of automation, the working conditions of the CNC machine tool and the requirements of precision. The CNC machine tool lubrication meets the requirements of reducing wear and reducing consumption. Try to avoid temperature rise and vibration. Selecting quality CNC machine tools to look at ALLES CNC, the machine as a complex and sophisticated machine, will use a variety of transmissions, according to the type of equipment, working environment and the required precision requirements for the viscosity of oil, oil resistance Sex, anti-extreme performance and other related performance have different requirements.

What are the requirements for CNC machine tool lubrication methods


Machine tool lubrication method requirements:


1. The lubrication points of the machine tool are numerous and complicated, and many machine tools are lubricated at the same time. Therefore, automatic lubrication is also adopted, which is also called forced circulation lubrication to save manpower and ensure reliable lubrication.


2. The machine tool relies on hydraulic transmission. In order to simplify the lubrication system, many machine tools are shared by the hydraulic and lubrication systems. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the lubrication requirements of each lubrication point while ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Under the premise of considering the operating cost, the lubricating oil (fat) with high viscosity index, anti-wear performance and oxidation resistance should be used as much as possible.

3. Lubrication of the guide rail and main bearing of a single large machine tool, usually by gravity refueling (drip oil, oil core) lubrication. The lubrication method should consider the fluidity of the lubricant to ensure that the lubricant can automatically flow into the friction pair.


4. Large machine tools have many gear transmissions, sliding and rolling bearings. In particular, the universal grinding machine has a complicated transmission device, and the power loss due to friction reaches 30-40%. Therefore, the proper viscosity and good anti-wear lubricity must be taken into consideration when selecting the lubricating oil, so as to minimize the friction loss. To save power consumption.


5, roughing machine tools are mostly intermittent work, so it will produce impact load with boundary lubrication, so consider the appropriate annual, good lubrication performance and extreme pressure resistance.

6, precision machine tools have very strict requirements for the temperature rise of lubricating oil, generally can not exceed 2-5 °C room temperature, so the oil viscosity and lubrication method and the capacity of the tank should be carefully calculated and designed.


7. The lubrication system of the machine tool, the hydraulic system and the various friction pairs are poorly sealed, which will cause the metal grinding chips and abrasive particles in the processing process to enter the lubrication system, which may not only block the oil circuit, but also accelerate the deterioration of the oil. Therefore, attention to system sealing is necessary!

8. In the metal cutting and grinding machine tools for cooling, lubricating tools and machining workpieces, most of the emulsions and sodium triphosphate aqueous solution used on the grinding machine may enter the lubricating oil to promote the deterioration and emulsification of the oil. Therefore, the oil emulsion must be considered for its resistance to emulsification, water, rust and corrosion.


9. The machine tool guide rail is the key point and difficulty of machine tool lubrication. The movement of the guide rail is repeated, and the speed and load change greatly, and it is prone to creep phenomenon, which causes the machining precision to decrease and even the machine tool to be scrapped. Therefore, when choosing a lubricating oil early, consider a suitable viscosity and a good resistance to creeping.


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