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What does the Industrial Internet of Things bring to manufacturing

Feb 18, 2020

The concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) contains all-encompassing new technologies and brings unlimited innovation opportunities and new business opportunities to the production process. As the significance of the Industrial Internet of Things cannot be ignored, in 2019 EMO Hanover Metalworking World hosted a technology forum with the theme “New Technologies–Future Opportunities”. For five consecutive days, senior experts from the industrial and economic fields made a series of special reports on "future technologies of great significance to metal processing".


The concept of the Internet of Things covers popular keywords such as incremental manufacturing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, platform economy, umati, OPC UA, and 5G. What do these ubiquitous concepts mean today? How will they drive value creation in manufacturing?


From CNC machine tool interconnection to business interconnection


The great advantage of the Internet of Everything is to ensure the secure flow of standardized information and data between sensors and IT companies, which can greatly reduce engineering costs and improve security. Why did the market choose platform-independent OPC UA as the framework standard for industrial communications? How can I add a previously purchased machine that has not been adapted to OPC UA to join the network?


Experts now agree that using digital services to create value will become an important feature of future business models. Digital services enable machine tool manufacturers to better meet their customers' future needs and to be invincible in international competition. Platform economy is a hot word in this field. Entrepreneurs who have already experienced this have introduced a scalable digital platform in the forum and explained in detail how manufacturing companies can benefit from subscription business models.

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At present, the metal processing field is gradually using additive manufacturing processes, especially in the aerospace and medical technology industries. Therefore, there will naturally be no fewer reports on the topic of additive manufacturing on the forum. The rapid development of technology and the development of new materials for industrial 3D printing will expand new application areas for additive manufacturing.


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