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What is the impact of the quality of the CNC system on machine tool control and part processing

Sep 25, 2019

The foreign numerical control systems we know are Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc. The domestic CNC system has a wide number, Kane, Huazhong, and the domestic instability is an objective problem, but the numerical control system What is the impact of good or bad? How is it affected? This is a big problem.

 数控(alles cnc)

The first is code interpretation and optimization. The g code or processing code given by the customer is not necessarily reasonable. The discrete code will introduce errors. The good numerical control system can restore the machining path to a certain extent, and then optimize the trajectory according to the shape of the surface. , to prepare for the servo control behind.

 数控系统(alles cnc)

The next step is trajectory planning and speed planning. The trajectory of good system interpolation is smoother and smoother. The speed planning according to the trajectory shape is more reasonable, avoiding the vibration caused by unreasonable acceleration and deceleration.


After the planning, various compensations are also needed for the specific mechanical structure, such as pitch compensation, reverse compensation, temperature compensation, cross compensation, etc., and the correction of the mechanical structure is mostly related to the geometric material properties and the dynamic mode.


If the system can also do servo control, it is the servo control algorithm, including the control algorithm, as well as the filter, as well as the self-tuning of the control parameters. I have a special understanding of the parameter self-tuning. A good system should There are various auxiliary tools to minimize the difficulty of learning. This step can be estimated even with the controller hardware, various circuit optimization anti-interference and high-speed communication is not a problem.


Stable or not, one is stable processing, good control repeatability, high precision, which is mainly related to the control algorithm. The other is that the operating system and interface are stable, ensuring that customers will not crash or have abnormal conditions under normal use and most of the abnormal operations. The former is the combing of the control logic, and the latter is the combing of the program business logic, which requires the accumulation of experience.


In summary, a good system has two goals, one is easy to use, and the other is easy to use.

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