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What is the purpose of the machining center?

Jun 21, 2019

Machining center machine is suitable for complex, multi-process, high precision requirements. It requires many types of ordinary machine tools and many kinds of tools and tooling. After many times of clamping and adjustment, the parts can be processed. Follow the footsteps of ALLES CNC to understand the machining center.

The main processing objects are the following four categories.

(1) Box parts

The box-type parts generally refer to parts having a plurality of holes, a cavity inside, and a certain proportion in the length, width, and height directions. Such parts are widely used in machine tools, automobiles, airplanes, etc., for example, automobile engine blocks, gearbox bodies, machine bed boxes, axle boxes, diesel engine blocks, gear pump housings, and the like.

Box parts generally need to be multi-station machining of hole system, contour and plane. Tolerance requirements, especially geometrical tolerances, are more stringent. Usually, they are subjected to milling, hammering, drilling, expanding, reaming, filling, tapping and other processes. When there are many processing stations and the worktable needs multiple rotation angles to complete the parts, the horizontal machining center is generally used. When the processing position is small and the span is small, the vertical machining center can be selected from one end. Processing. For example, ALLES CNC's CNC VERTICAL MACHINE CENTER can continuously complete milling, drilling, expanding, twisting, boring and two-dimensional 3D curved surfaces in one setup, precise machining of bevels, processing and programization, batch production, and shortened production. Cycles, so that users get good economic benefits.

(2) complex surfaces

Like CNC milling machines, machining centers are also suitable for machining complex surfaces such as aircraft, automotive part profiles, impellers, propellers, and various curved forming dies.

As far as the possibility of machining is concerned, in the case of no machining overcut or machining blind zone, the complex inner curved surface can generally be processed by three-coordinate joint processing with a ball-end milling cutter, which has high machining precision but low efficiency. If the workpiece has machining overcut Or machining blind areas, such as the overall impeller, etc., must consider the use of four- or five-coordinate linkage machine.

When machining complex surfaces only, it does not take advantage of the automatic tool change in the machining center, because the machining of complex surfaces generally involves rough milling, (semi) finishing, and root cleaning. There are fewer tools, especially for molds. Single piece processing.

(3) Shaped parts

Shaped parts are irr

egularly shaped parts, most of which require point, line and surface multi-station mixing, such as brackets, pedestals, templates, masters, brackets, etc. The rigidity of the profiled parts is poor, the clamping and cutting deformation are difficult to control, and the machining accuracy is difficult to guarantee. At this time, the characteristics of the machining center process can be fully utilized, and reasonable process measures can be used to complete the multi-process or all the processing contents one or two times. Experience has shown that the more complex the shape is, the more accurate the precision is. High, the more you use the machining center, the more you can show its advantages.

(4) Disc, sleeve, plate parts

For example, SDAL SERIES CNC PLATE DRILLING MILLING MACHINE is used for thicknesses of flat plates, flanges, discs, ring parts, etc., with keyways or radial holes, or end holes with distributed holes and curved parts. Efficient drilling of workpieces within the effective range.

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What is the purpose of the machining center

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