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What is the ultrasonic matching of mask machine

May 15, 2020

The ultrasonic matching of the mask machine consists of an ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic electric box), ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic welding head, and flange. It is the core welding part of the mask machine. It is used for welding around the mask, nose bridge, and ear wire welding; One-to-one and one-to-two automatic and semi-automatic mask machines are extremely common.

The ultrasonic matching electric box of the mask machine is divided into two types: 15k 2600W continuous vibration and 20k2000W gap vibration.

Continuous vibration is mainly used for welding of mask pieces, gap vibration is mainly used for welding of ear strap lines, generally a mask machine needs 5-6 sets of ultrasonic supporting equipment, 1-2 continuous vibration (different design requirements are not Same), 4 sets of gap vibrations are used for welding the ear wire.

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