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What problems should we pay attention to when choosing CNC high-speed punch?

Jun 13, 2019

The punching machine can be used for all kinds of metal sheet metal parts, and can complete a variety of messy hole type and shallow drawing form at one time. After a simple mold combination, it saves a lot of mold cost compared with the traditional stamping, and can use low cost and Short-cycle, small-batch, diversified products with large scale and capability.

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Here is a brief introduction to what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a high-speed punch:


First, according to the products being stamped to determine:


1. The material of the product must be made of metal to perform high-speed punching.


2, the thickness and width of the product, generally higher than 5mm is not suitable for high-speed stamping, and the width of other stamping products is restricted by high-speed mold.


3. Products stamped by high-speed punching must be coiled and stripped, otherwise high-speed stamping cannot be performed.


Second, according to the number and speed of stamping products required:


Manufacturers have been using low-speed punch presses, not satisfied with the current low speed, and can choose to replace high-speed punch presses. There are two speeds in Taiwan and domestic punches on the market called high speed, one for high speed 400 times/minute and the other for 1000 times/minute. Select a quality machine to look for ALLES CNC. If the product mold speed is 300 times/min or higher, you should select a press for 1000 times/min. Because the equipment can not be used at the limit, and the punching machine within 400 times/min generally does not have a mandatory lubrication system, only the butter is lubricated in the joint part, and the punch structure is a slider type, the precision is difficult to guarantee, and the wear is long after working for a long time. Fast, the accuracy is reduced, the mold is easy to damage, the machine and mold maintenance rate is high, and the time is delayed, which affects the delivery time.

Third, according to the accuracy of the stamped products:


Due to its special advanced production technology, high-speed punching machine has high production precision, stability and processing speed. If the user has high requirements for stamping products and the budget is sufficient, high-speed punching machine can be selected.

Fourth, the specification is determined according to the size and punching pressure of the stamping equipment part die:


1. The nominal pressure of the selected punch must be greater than the total punch pressure required for stamping.


2. The stroke of the press should be appropriate: the stroke directly affects the main height of the mold, and the lead is too large. The punch is separated from the guide plate or the guide bush.


3. The closing height of the punch should be adapted to the closing height of the die, ie the closing height of the die is between the maximum closing height and the minimum closing height of the punch.


4. The size of the punching table must be larger than the outer dimensions of the mold base, and there is room for installation and fixing, but the workbench should not be too large, so as to avoid the work platform being weak.


5. According to the nature of the stamping process to be completed, the size of the production batch, the geometric dimensions of the stampings (including thickness, whether to stretch, the shape of the sample) and accuracy requirements to determine:


1. The production of small and medium-sized parts and pieces of curved parts is made of open-type mechanical punching.


2. The production of medium-sized stamping parts uses a mechanical punch in the form of a closed structure.


3, small batch production, the production of large thick plate stamping parts using hydraulic press.


4. In high-volume production or mass production of complex parts at the beginning, high-speed punching or multi-station automatic punching is used.


The precision of high-speed punching machine is mainly reflected in parallelism, verticality and total clearance. It is generally measured by JIS standard. Of course, the precision of high-speed punching machine is also related to the tonnage mentioned above and the processing precision of the punch itself. The speed control of high-speed punching machine itself It also affects the accuracy of high speed punching.


High-speed presses are available in a wide variety of tonnages. Choosing the right tonnage is important to reduce stamping production costs and manufacturing process costs. The so-called punch tonnage refers to the instantaneous impact force released by the punching machine during operation. Relatively speaking, the high-speed punching machine has four common tonnages of 25, 35, 60, 80T. The higher the tonnage, the higher the processing capacity, and of course the cost. Will improve.

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