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Why are machine prices not publicly quoted?

Jun 12, 2019

Why are machine prices not publicly quoted? This is a question that many people have. In fact, this is inseparable from the importance of the agent in the middle of the machine tool. Why do you say that?

At present, although the Internet is very developed, in the machine tool industry, customers are still in the hands of intermediate agent sellers.

In the past, there was no such convenient network, so the information was not smooth. For a company, if you want to sell products, if you rely on your own company to open up the national and even global markets, it is estimated that the products have not been sold yet. It’s yellow. Therefore, the intermediate agent seller has become an important way for the company to open up the market.

Because the intermediate agent dealers have the deepest understanding of the local market conditions and market purchasing ability; as the dealer itself to operate for survival, it will also calculate the account, and what kind of products are recommended by customers, the analysis is more accurate; As the dealers in the industry, most of them are self-employed. They are the most serious about the market and work, and they are more dedicated to their work. They will do their best for their own business and exhaust new machines. Distributors are not only the export of sales products. It is also an information carrier for manufacturers to establish a corporate image/commodity image and to create a desire for consumers to purchase. The always-image dealers can enhance the image of the shopping environment according to the requirements of the manufacturer, pay attention to the consumer's feelings and professional service skills, and naturally enhance the corporate image and product image, and it is easier to get the recognition of consumers.

For the manufacturer, the intermediate agent sellers bring benefits to them, and on the contrary, they also protect the interests of the agent dealers. For the machine tool industry, a machine tool manufacturer has a number of intermediate agent sellers who give the intermediate agent seller a reserve price, and the selling price is determined by the intermediate agent seller. Therefore, the price of the machine tool cannot be disclosed. Once the price of each agent is different, the price of each agent is different, and it is easy to produce the contradiction of the customer being robbed.

Expert purchase, matching or custom

Buying a machine tool is not like buying a daily necessities. Everyone can look at the instructions and compare them to buy them. Because the technicality of the machine tool is too strong, this leads to the purchase of machine tools generally need to know the machine tool experts to buy. On the other hand, there is no uniform standard configuration for the machine tool, which also results in the machine tool being either optional or customized according to the customer's individual needs. This is especially true for non-standard machine tools, so this is also the technical reason why machine tools cannot be publicly priced.

Technical confidentiality 

It is mentioned above that the machine tool is a highly technical industry, and the configuration between the same industry or competitors is not the same, or even a confidential information. So the price of most machine tools can't be settled at once.

Avoid price wars

In fact, the machine tool industry, the most important choice of machine tools is suitable for their own, can not be measured by the level of machine tool quality. If your needs are different, then the price may be different. If you open the price, you will be known by your peers. Once a malicious price war, it will inevitably lead to the damage of your own interests, and even the entire industry will have an impact.

In fact, the unclear price tag phenomenon of the CNC machine tool industry illustrates the immature market mechanism of the machine tool. However, this is mainly due to limitations such as the occlusion of information in the era. With the development of the industrial Internet and the emergence of professional and accurate machine tool supply and demand docking platforms, this immaturity will be gradually improved. Like ALLES CNC, it not only provides information on the machine industry information from time to time, but also provides information occlusion; it also provides functions such as spot trading of machine-related products and non-standard customization of productivity sharing, so that you can choose the most suitable products without leaving your home. ALLES CNC is here, looking for your inquiries and quotations with the best service.

Why are machine prices not publicly quoted

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