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Why do machine tools need to develop multi-axis machining?

May 23, 2019

Nowadays, the development of machine tools is developing in the direction of multi-axis. There are even six-axis linkages from three axes to four axes and five axes. What are the benefits of multi-axis linkage?

Since the establishment of ALLES CNC, the independent research and development of CNC machine tool industry products has never stopped the foot cloth, and now it is also very convenient for the application of multi-axis machining industry. With the popularity of this technology, more and more companies in the industry are also beginning to develop multi-axis development. Maybe everyone will have doubts about such multi-axis machining. In the face of such doubts, ALLES CNC explained this trend, I hope everyone can understand.

Simple summary has the following points:


1, can improve the processing accuracy of the workpiece


Because multi-axis machining can effectively reduce the transformation of the reference plane, this processing effectively integrates the process, not only effectively mentions the effectiveness of the process, but also allows the workpiece to achieve the goal of one-time clamping and multi-step machining, so that the machining accuracy It's easier to guarantee.


2, reduce the number of clamping and floor space


In the current market, multi-axis processing equipment is more expensive, but it combines multiple processes, reducing the number of process chains and equipment, fixtures, shop floor space and equipment maintenance costs, if your production is guaranteed, the cost There is still a certain reduction in scope.


3. Simplify production process management


Multi-axis CNC machine tools can effectively shorten the production process chain, and can transfer the processing tasks to a job operation, which effectively simplifies the production process management and maintains transparency. For machining complex workpieces, the advantages of multi-axis CNC equipment are relatively more obvious than those of other conventional process dispersion equipment. At the same time, due to the shortening of the production process chain, the number of products is inevitably reduced, which can simplify production management, thereby reducing production operations and management costs.

Through the above explanations, I believe that everyone has already understood the technology of multi-axis machining. Let's take a look at the 5 axis 4 linkage CNC tube drill video produced by ALLES CNC.

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