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Why does an engine have to be fitted with a very large and heavy flywheel?

Jun 11, 2019

In fact, in order to understand this fact, we must first understand what the flywheel is and what its role is.

Today ALLES CNC is coming to explore this issue with you.

Flywheel is a disc-shaped part with large moment of inertia, which acts as an energy memory. It can make the engine run more smoothly, help the piston run through the top and bottom dead points, and the flywheel is also the key component of the engine power output. In addition, it also makes the engine start more labor-saving, especially the hand-start engine.

When the engine piston moves, its power output is intermittent. The piston goes through four strokes in the cylinder, which are intake stroke, compression stroke, expansion stroke and exhaust stroke.

Because the whole process is an intermittent and discontinuous process, the piston works four times to and fro, generating thrust while doing work, and consuming power when not doing it, the engine will run unsteadily and jitter greatly, and the existence of flywheel will store part of the energy transmitted to the crankshaft during the engine working stroke after rotation, together with the rotational inertia of the flywheel itself. Quantity, to a large extent, compensates for the intermittent loss of kinetic energy in the process of engine piston movement, so that the whole movement is more coherent and smooth.

In this way, the crank rod mechanism can easily cross the upper and lower stop points. Because the connecting rod is completely perpendicular to the crankshaft when the piston is located at the top dead center or the bottom dead center, it is impossible to transfer power to the crankshaft, so an external force is needed to push, which comes from the inertia kinetic energy of the flywheel and its stored energy.

In addition, the engine also needs the flywheel to transmit kinetic energy. In turn, when the engine starts, the flywheel can also reduce the burden of starting the engine. If there is no flywheel, the starter will need more effort to start the engine.

Therefore, the engine has no flywheel, it must be a tough man with broken arms.

Why does an engine have to be fitted with a very large and heavy flywheel

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