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Why is the National Day military parade aircraft applied to aluminum alloys

Oct 17, 2019

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It is understood that for every 1kg of spacecraft that enters the air, its launch cost will save about 20,000 US dollars. Therefore, the structural weight loss can be described as "kirk" in the aerospace field. If the weight of the fighter is reduced by 15%, the airplane's running distance can be shortened by 15%, the range is increased by 20%, and the payload is increased by 30%. Therefore, China attaches great importance to the development and development of lightweight structural materials for aerospace.


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The great achievements of the founding of the People's Republic of China in the past 70 years, the world's attention, the economic take-off, and the increase in the gross national product are so exciting. In the aluminum business, its development is also amazing. Today, ALLES CNC will take everyone to see the industry trend - why is the aircraft in the National Day military parade applied to aluminum alloy?

Aerospace aluminum is an ultra-high-strength deformed aluminum alloy that is currently widely used in the aerospace industry. Compared with ordinary aluminum alloys, aluminum alloys for aircraft have higher requirements on strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance and plasticity. Aeronautical aluminum alloy has good mechanical and processing properties, good plasticity after solution treatment, good heat treatment strengthening effect, generally high strength below 150 ° C (or even higher), good toughness, and is an ideal aerospace structural material.


The performance of pure aluminum cannot meet the requirements of use in most occasions. For this reason, various alloying elements are added to pure aluminum to produce an aluminum alloy that satisfies various properties and uses. Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, easy to form, and low price. It has been widely used in aerospace, transportation, light industry building materials, communication, electronics and other departments.


The main features of aerospace aluminum alloys are: large-scale and integrated, thin-walled and lightweight, precision in cross-sectional dimensions and shape tolerances, uniformity and quality of tissue properties. According to the different conditions and parts of the aircraft, the aerospace aluminum alloy is mainly high-strength aluminum alloy, heat-resistant aluminum alloy and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. High-strength aluminum alloy is mainly used in aircraft fuselage parts, engine compartments, seats, operating systems, etc., and is the most widely used.


The structural features of typical parts of the aerospace industry are the extensive use of integral thin-walled structures with complex shapes. In order to increase the mobility of the aircraft, increase the payload and range, reduce the cost, carry out lightweight design and widely adopt new lightweight materials, the material performance requirements are getting higher and higher. A large number of aluminum alloys, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, high-strength steels, composite materials, engineering ceramics, etc. are now used. The thin-walled parts and honeycomb parts with complicated structure have complex shapes, holes, holes, grooves, reinforcing ribs, etc., and the process rigidity is poor.

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According to the structural characteristics and processing requirements of the aerospace industry, it is necessary to have a 5 axis linkage machine center with A, B swing angle or A and C swing angles, a high-speed machine center, a large double-gantry vertical machine center, and a large-scale CNC gantry milling machine. Precision CNC lathe, large CNC precision vertical turning center, turning and milling composite machine center, leaf disc efficient machine center, end face arc tooth grinding machine, high speed rotor tip grinding machine, slow feeding strong grinding machine, broaching machine, related electric processing machine tool, laser Cladding processing machine tools, plateless parts, multi-point forming presses, directional single crystal melting furnaces, electro-hydraulic beam devices, etc. The machine tool is required to have sufficient rigidity, simple operation, clear human-machine interface, required spline interpolation (NURBS), uniform process control to reduce the influence on the machining accuracy at the corner, and online measurement simulation function.

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