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Will CNC machine tools continue to evolve

Sep 03, 2019

High-speed, precision, composite, intelligent and green are the general trends in the development of CNC machine tools. In recent years, we have achieved gratifying results in terms of practicality and industrialization. The concept of “one machine tool is a processing plant” and “one installation, complete processing” is being accepted by more people, and the development of CNC machine tools is showing a diversified situation.


In order to meet the needs of market and scientific and technological development, in order to meet the higher requirements of modern manufacturing technology for numerical control technology, the current development trend of CNC technology and its equipment is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High speed, high efficiency

The development of machine tools in the direction of high speed can give full play to the performance of modern tool materials, which not only can greatly improve the processing efficiency, reduce the processing cost, but also improve the surface processing quality and precision of the parts. Ultra-high-speed machining technology has broad applicability to high-performance, high-quality, low-cost production in the manufacturing industry.

2. High precision

From precision machining to ultra-precision machining (special high-precision machining), it is the direction of development of various industrial powers in the world. Precision is to meet the needs of high-tech development, but also to improve the performance, quality and reliability of ordinary mechanical and electrical products, reduce the workload of its assembly and improve the assembly efficiency.

3. High reliability

The reliability of the index control system is higher than the reliability of the controlled equipment by more than an order of magnitude, but it is not the higher the reliability, the better, and it is still moderately reliable, because it is a commodity, subject to the performance price ratio.

The times are advancing, and science and technology are also improving. While CNC machine tools are developing, they are following the footsteps of technology.

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