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Will the automation of machine tools be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future

Sep 23, 2019

Will automated machine tools be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future? Personally think, no! The future direction is neither automation nor artificial intelligence, but human-machine collaboration, which is the future direction of development.


In the era of automation, in fact, China's "China Manufacturing 2025" is now making great efforts to make up for this shortcoming. Although it has also joined the requirements of industrial Internet and cloud platforms, automation technology, or infrastructure and paving of automation hardware and software, It will be the theme of China for a long time, and it is also a short-board that many domestic enterprises need to make up. If there is no automated software and hardware to build, what industrial Internet and cloud platforms are talking about, so Chinese enterprises, especially It is a manufacturing enterprise. For a long time to come, building automation and intelligent processing of enterprises will be a very important task. 

My reasons are as follows:

1. The rapid decline of China's demographic dividend, we have to admit that China's 30-year implementation of the family planning policy has brought about a fundamental change in China's current population structure, and the aging society has come, leaving China's labor force to decline. Trends, the lack of money to find workers, is a necessity in the future.

2. With the development of Chinese society and the improvement of people's living standards, there is no room for some dirty living, especially for the present 90s and after 00, they have not experienced any material material. The shortage of the mind has always lived in the heart of the family, so their chances of engaging in front-line workers have become extremely embarrassing. They are self-propelled generations, free generations (because there is no pressure to survive). This is a tragedy for manufacturing as well.

3, the high-efficiency production of products, and high-quality production need to be ensured through automation, why Chinese manufacturing has always appeared in the face of a generation of factory, and what we have done is still very unconcerned See, even our own "Chongyang Meiwai" look down on domestic products, even a toilet cover needs to go to Japan to buy, a kitchen knife needs to go to Germany to buy, these are because the quality of our products is very Big problems, and this kind of problem, in addition to the backwardness of the management system, is largely because our level of automation is not high, many processes rely too much on people's skills and experience, and even people's emotions determine the level of quality, not By machine, rely on the system to guarantee.

4. The market forces companies to achieve automation. Because of the continuous increase in labor costs and the low efficiency of production, if you want your products to occupy a place in the market, you must achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. The creation of production is undoubtedly the biggest and best way.

As for artificial intelligence, the field of its application is still relatively narrow at present. The most sensational effect we know is the Alpha dog war Li Shishi. In fact, the essence of artificial intelligence is the simulation of the information process of human thinking. In some areas or in a certain work, the effect and effect of the simulation is far better than the performance of human beings. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for development in artificial intelligence. For now, in practical production applications. There are still some shortcomings, and there are no signs of really replacing people, at least not in the short term. So it is still a bit early to talk about artificial intelligence, or to talk about artificial intelligence in real life or work.


However, there is a real development prospect for human-machine collaboration. The so-called human-machine collaboration is to accomplish a high-efficiency and high-quality work through the interaction of people and machines. This technology has begun to become more important and popular in many fields. .

Let us give another example.

In a processing plant in Germany, the factory added two production lines in order to achieve high efficiency and high quality production of the products, but in the middle of the two production lines, they placed two workers, many of whom came to visit the factory. Very strange, ask the person in charge of the company, why do you want to put two people in the automatic line? This is not a bit too LOW, but the person in charge of the company explained that if these two people are put in, the two production lines can be compatible with the production of more than 60 kinds of products of the company. If you do not put this person, you must realize these sixty. For the production of a variety of products, companies have to invest more than a dozen such production lines, we can simply understand that the work of these two people can produce the effect of more than ten production lines, which is the meaning of human-machine synergy.


Because no matter how the development of automation technology, in some flexible coordination and detail processing, people have the advantages and necessity that the machine can never be replaced. This is an undeniable fact, so human-machine collaboration is bound to be a trend of automation development.

Maybe one day, you will have a robotic glove. Like Iron Man's armor gloves, it can help you with a lot of work that you can't do without your hand. It can better reflect your will and actions.

Maybe one day, you will have a pair of wings and grow on a tailor-made jacket. If you wear it, you can fly freely in the sky and go wherever you want.

This is the future of human-computer collaboration and our future. This may be the most beautiful realm of artificial intelligence.

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