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Wuhan, China arrives as scheduled

Apr 08, 2020


Wuhan, China arrives as scheduled

In this special time

Your anti-epidemic memory

What is it?

It is the sound of "Come on" one after another in Wuhan

I left a box of masks and left a sentence "Chinese" when asked the name

It is a fairy tale of "beating monsters" knitted by the retrogrades for the children

Is an ordinary and touching wish written on protective clothing



This is an ordinary and special picture of life for everyone

For more than 70 days after pressing the pause button

How do ordinary people stay in Wuhan live

They are larger or smaller gears

Never stop spinning

From a pair of bright eyes

To scarred faces

They fight against death

Just for this sentence

"You are alive!"

Wait until the end of the outbreak

What is the most important thing you want to do?

the sun is always behind the storm

When Lvyi climbed up the branch, the road had a temperature

Wuhan renews the long-lost fireworks

Taste Qiaokou's Junjun Beef Flour

Take a look at the cherry blossoms at Wuhan University

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