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A Corner Of The ALLES CNC Factory

Mar 02, 2020

March 2: Even if the epidemic is so serious now, our factory does not affect production and does not affect resumption of work. This is the corner of our factory with sufficient accessories, more than 30 Lathe Machines, Gantry Type Milling Machines, and other companies' Machine Center Gear shaper, the factory is running normally, the machine is processing normally, all the employees of the company have officially resumed work and started the new year's work. It can be seen that the epidemic situation has been slowly controlled and more and more diseases have improved. Will disappear completely.

Need always make this as memory March 2 2020, in jinan city, china, ALLES CNC factory under the Corona Virus, machining plant still working. Daily un-stopping works will make differences for different manufactures.

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