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Advantages Of CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Oct 14, 2019


CNC Plate Drilling Machine is a high-efficiency CNC drilling machine for flange, heat exchanger and tube sheet parts, as well as connecting plates for iron towers and steel structures in wind power, boiler, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power equipment and other industries. The traditional process to realize the processing of these holes is to use the radial drilling machine to manually scribe and drill holes one by one, which has the disadvantages of poor precision, low efficiency, high labor intensity and unsatisfactory stability. Coupled with the increase in labor costs in recent years, the processing companies realized that they must use equipment automation and intelligence instead of labor to solve these problems.


CNC Plate Drilling Machine product advantages:

1. The maximum diameter of the drill hole drilled below can reach Φ90mm.

2. The gantry and bed parts are optimized to make them have strong dynamic and static rigidity, ensuring the strength and precision of the machine.

3. The power head part of the CNC Plate Drilling Machine is reinforced by weak finite element analysis to make the structure more reasonable.

4. The numerical control system adopts the Spanish FAGOR8055 system, and is equipped with RS232 interface and LCD liquid crystal display. The upper computer is managed. The drilling coordinates can realize the direct conversion of CAD/CAM, which is convenient for programming, storage display and communication. The operation interface has man-machine dialogue. , error compensation, automatic alarm and other functions. The workpiece hole position can be automatically generated by the keyboard or CAD graphic input. It has the function of pre-drilling hole position preview and rechecking, which is easy to operate.

5, the configuration of ball screw pair, linear guide pair, electrical parts servo motor, inverter, etc., are all well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, less boot failure


SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD ALPHD Series High CNC Plate Drilling Machine controls the plane drill with SIEMENS 808D/AD CNC, including CNC, SIEMENS AC servo system and spindle rotating motor.

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