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Advantages Of Numerical Control Grinder

Apr 29, 2019

CNC grinding machine, which is a kind of grinding machine, is also a kind of grinding machine. It is only on the basis of ordinary grinder, adding numerical control technology and numerical control system, making the grinder automatic and efficient processing, so it is called CNC grinding machine. So, do you know about this kind of grinder? In response to this problem,

CNC grinding machine, at present, its application is also very extensive, because it can not only process hard materials, such as hardened steel, hard alloy and so on, but also can process some brittle materials, such as glass, granite, etc. Moreover, it is also good in grinding. It can carry out high-precision grinding as well as high efficiency grinding.

Numerical control grinder, its main features are:

(1) it is possible to perform some complex special-shaped parts processing and realize computer control in order to reduce machining errors.

(2) flexible machining can be realized and tool changing function can be achieved, so that the clamping times can be reduced and the machining accuracy can be improved.

(3) through computer software, it can also achieve precision compensation and optimization control.